Eryn Kjelland

Registrar & College Tech
Crystal Dence

Federal Student Aid
All seniors will need to complete the FAFSA. All merit scholarships, athletic scholarships, and federal aid are determined by the FAFSA application. The application opens up every October 1. All students will need to complete an application each year of post secondary school.
Apply for Student Aid - FAFSA

Seniors applying to a four-year college will need to take the college entrance exam SAT / ACT. Most colleges in the US will accept either test. Students are encourage to take the PSAT / PACT (practice test) in the 10th grade. The test can be taken multiple times starting in 11th grade and the final test fall of senior year. Student should try both test and the highest taken will be the test sent to colleges.
More Information SAT / ACT

Planning for College
Students should not wait until senior year to think about college. 9th grade is the time to start the planning for college and the website College Board can help. Once you register with this website all of your college search and information will be saved for future review.
College Board - Make a Plan
Palomar Promise

There are thousands of scholarships available for students to apply to. The value of a scholarship can be hundreds to thousands of dollars. Seniors are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as possible.
Extensive Scholarship List
Local Scholarships