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College Readiness

Bonsall High School is committed to preserving the 4-year college choice for students as long as possible. This means that the standard daily schedule places all students on track for completing all University of California a-g eligibility requirements.  If students begin to develop a clear passion for a field that may require a different kind of post-secondary education, BHS staff will help customize an alternative pathway during the junior or senior year.  

As a prerequisite for graduation, all Bonsall High School students are required to complete an internship and a minimum of six (6) college units, most commonly taken at local community college campuses. 

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University of California A-G Requirements

The intent of the "a - g" subject requirements is to ensure that high school students have attained a body of general knowledge that will provide breadth and perspective to new, more advanced study in college.

Students meeting UC eligibility requirements by completing the "a - g" subject requirements will also be eligible for admission to the California State University system, and most private colleges and universities in the United States.

UC Area A: Social Studies and UC Area B: English

Because BHS integrates Social Studies and English Courses, students have access to a significantly higher amount of academic language, providing a greater opportunity to develop the necessary skills for competitive SAT and ACT scores.  All courses offered provide an Honors option for all students interested in pursuing additional credit for a more competitive GPA.

UC Recommends: 2 years Social Studies, 4 years English

BHS Requires: 4 years Social Studies, 4 years English


9th Grade

GeoLit (Geography+ Literature Integrated)

10th Grade

World Studies (World History+ Literature Integrated)

11th Grade

American Studies (American History + Literature Integrated)

12th Grade

Citizenship and Ethics (Civics and American Government+ English Integrated)

UC Area C: Math

All Math coursework at BHS is incorporated into an Integrated Math sequence. The BHS Math Department will work with students to ensure proper placement into one of the following courses:

UC Recommends: 3-4 years Math

BHS Requires: 4 years Math, recommend 1 additional year of advanced math through college or Advanced Placement courses for student pursuing STEM careers


Integrated Math I

Integrated Math II

Integrated Math III

AP Statistics 

UC Area D: Laboratory Science

BHS has responded to the American Association of Physics Teachers call for Physics First.  Physics First is a way to deepen students' conceptual understanding of science in the early years of high school and provide more time to develop math skills needed for successful Chemistry and an advanced mathematical AP Physics course.  This early Physics course is conceptual, hands-on, and inquiry-based with an appropriate level of math for 9th graders.  

UC Recommends: 2 years lab science 

BHS Requires: 3 years lab science

BHS COURSEs offered

9th Grade

Conceptual Physics

10th Grade


11th Grade



UC Area E: Language other than English

BHS acknowledges that the dominant second language in California is Spanish.  Students are more likely to learn a language when they can use it regularly in their immediate surroundings, and Spanish is the most likely candidate for the greatest amount of local exposure.  Students who already speak Spanish have the option to enroll in a Spanish for Native Speakers Course to strengthen their literacy skills in their primary language. BHS students who wish to take a language other than Spanish are invited to take a course at Palomar College on their own time.

UC Recommends: 2-3 years 

BHS Requires: 2 years, will offer 3rd year depending on demand


Spanish 1

Spanish II

Spanish III (depending on demand)

Spanish for Native Speakers

UC Area F: Visual and Performing Arts

The Bonsall community has the legacy of a top quality music program thanks to the fantastic efforts of the district elementary and middle school staff and students, and the Bonsall Education Foundation.  BHS continues this legacy by offering an integrated music and visual arts program directed by a highly qualified music teacher. 

UC Recommends: 1 year

BHS Requires: 1 year, recommend students take 3-4 years to focus on talent in one of the following three areas:



Musical Theater (with specializations in tech and stage management, artistry in scenery and backdrop in addition to stage performance)

UC Area G: College Preparatory Elective

Well-rounded and involved students are sought after by colleges and universities. BHS will meet this academic need by offering a unique and rigorous suite of UC-eligible elective courses. Courses below will be finalized when the teacher hiring process is complete for 2015-16.

UC Recommends: 1 year

BHS Requires: 4 years of electives which may include community college courses.  BHS