While we think of schools as places to gain academic skills, academic skills are not employable when an individual does not also possess the skills that employers demand in the workplace.


  • Communication Skills: Bonsall High School requires students to communicate, both written and orally, to a variety of audiences throughout the school year.  Communication is the top skill that is required of employees in all professional fields, yet many times in schools, student are in the passenger seat rather than the driver's seat of their own education.  At BHS, students present to over 30 audiences a year to practice their communication skills.
  • Collaboration: Employers continually seek professionals who can work with a diverse population of individuals, more and more frequently on a global scale.  Bonsall High School teaches and supports collaboration skills among students in the classroom and with community professionals.  However, rather than thinking about the traditional "divide and conquer" approach to project work, BHS requires students to collaborate on creative direction including construction of a final product, video production, prototyping, learning emerging technology, and presentation methods throughout the year.
  • Agency: Many young people expect their work to only require a single draft.  Yet employers expect employees to keep revising until a final product is of top quality.  Students at BHS learn that starting in their 9th grade year, helping to develop an understanding of iteration, revision, and a need for continually revision.