Physical activity is an increasing need among students with more sedentary lifestyles than in the past. While traditional team sports have tremendous benefit, research increasingly points to a need for young people to adopt habits that they can continue as individuals throughout their lives. Bonsall High School is excited to offer lifetime sports, which provide both the benefit of a team atmosphere and the roots of a lifelong habit to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  

BHS offers the following sports this year:


Cross Country

Girls Volleyball

Girls Tennis


Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Girls Basketball 

Boys Basketball 


Track & Field

Boys Tennis 

Golf (Girls and Boys combined)

Gender Equality & Ethics in Sports

BHS provides equal opportunities for male and female students and maintains a balance in sports and number of athletes.  Please see here for further information about gender equality numbers. 

BHS requires all athletes to sign and abide by a code of ethics.  Please see here for our CIF Ethics in Sports Policy Compliance Form.


Awards, Lettering, and Letter Jacket

To earn a letter, a student-athlete or club member must attend at least 75% of all team or club events (meetings, practices, contests/games/matches, fundraisers, special events), and be part of the team or club in good academic and citizenship standing. This requirement is based on the results of a school-wide survey. Each sport or club may have it's own additional awards, and because of the differences in many sports and clubs, each team or club may set their own requirements.

There are a couple of different options for those interested in purchasing a letter jacket. A wool and leather letterjacket can be purchased with these instructions. A fleece letterjacket can be purchased through our Jostens school store, here for girls, and here for boys.