There are many challenges in developing a small school, and growing it to be a STAR of the community.

Much of the success of BHS rests on the backs of volunteers who augment the teaching and administrative staff.  They do the things for which there are few resources to accomplish.

Please consider helping out, whether it's handing out forms/equipment, pitching in with PING, or driving students to sporting events.  It will make the young peoples' experience a great one.

This is the short instruction set for becoming a BHS Volunteer. There is a more detailed Handbook provided at the bottom (both English & Spanish), for further review.  

Do the following each year unless otherwise indicated:

  1. Complete the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION form.

  2. **Please only follow steps 3-7 if you are planning to work with students on a regular basis or drive**

  3. Get a TB screening (good for 4 years). Go to your medical provider. This takes 3-days before the medical test can be read.

  4. Complete the MEGAN'S LAW CLEARANCE with attached TB Information area.

  5. Read and sign the VOLUNTEER CODE OF CONDUCT form.

  6. Submit the 4 documents to the BHS office: Volunteer Application each year, Volunteer Code of Conduct each year, Megan's Law Clearance each year, and TB screening every 4 years.

  7. Go to the District Office and pick up a copy of the Live Scan request form during regular business hours. Complete the form (required only the first year), and bring to Bonsall Postal & Imaging, next to Daniel's Market, for processing. Address is: 5256 South Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003 (760) 941-9221. There is a processing fee.

Drivers of students need to complete all of the above, and the following each year:


  2. Produce a printed copy of your Driver's License.

  3. From your auto insurance policy, acquire and print the binder/summary page information (NOT the one for your glove compartment) that includes:

    1. Policy owner

    2. The Vehicle covered (that you will drive)

    3. The level of coverage that is at least $100,000/person & $300,000/accident for Bodily Injury

    4. Policy expiration.


*** Submit all paper work, including TB test results to the BHS Administrative Office. ***

Be prepared to have your picture taken for Volunteer ID Badge.


The more detailed handbook is here in English/Español.