Grease Dancers

Bonsall High School offers a full music program including both vocal and instrumental music courses as well as a Graphic Communications art program in partnership with Palomar college. Students receive support through small courses which support individual and ensemble performances with an emphasis on continual improvement.  Each of our programs provides 2 opportunities a year for formal performances/exhibitions of work and multiple informal opportunities through our local community.

  • BHS Band Program:  Two formal concerts in the evening including a holiday show and a spring show.
  • BHS Guitar Program: Group/individual ensemble performance in the fall and original composition showcase in the spring.
  • BHS Musical Theater program performs in 2 productions a year:  A Fall Review designed by students and a Spring Musical, both supported by the BHS Stage Tech course.  
  • BHS Sound Production and Graphic Communications: Students provide sample work and analysis of their work in Quarterly Portfolio presentations in October and March.

Please see the overview of our philosophy of Music on the BHS Music Page and a further description of our partnership with Palomar College on the Graphic Communications Page.