This provides information relating to locally available scholarships and financial aid.

  1. Bonsall Rotary (Application)

    1. Academic Excellence

    2. Letter of Recommendation from Principal, counselor, or advisor

    3. Official transcript of grades

    4. Interview

    5. Deadline April 1st 2018

  2. Fallbrook Republican Women Federated Scholarship (Application)

    1. Essay

    2. Transcript

    3. Photo

    4. Two letters of recommendation

    5. Three awards at that local Fallbrook, with possible advancement to the next, county level of competition.

    6. Deadline March 1st

  3. Bonsall Woman's Club Scholarship

    1. Essay

    2. Copy of FAFSA application (summary page)
    3. Copy of recommendation letter you are providing to the education institute to which you are applying.

    4. Transcript

    5. Recommendation letters from a member of the community (Pastor, Scout Leader, Owner of Business where applicant was employed)

    6. Deadline Feb. 27th

  4. Fallbrook Bonsall P.E.O Scholarship (Application)

    1. Planning to attend an accredited college/university, two year community college, or an accredited vocational school leading to a bachelor’s or associate's degree, or a vocational certificate.  

    2. U.S Citizen or legal resident

    3. Strong Character and academic success, minimum 3.0 GPA

    4. Transcript required

    5. Interview

    6. Record of community service, extracurricular activity

    7. Essay

    8. Deadline Feb. 23rd

  5. KidGuard Education
    Essay scholarships ranging from $500-$1,000 for students at Bonsall High School
    scholarship application

Additional Scholarships

  1. CalRTA (California Retired Teachers Association) (Application)

    1. Financial need

    2. Transcript

    3. Record of community service, extracurricular activity

    4. Work Experience

    5. Letters of recommendation

    6. Pursuing a career in the teaching profession

    7. Deadline March 8th

  2. San Diego County Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation (Application)

    1. Financial need

    2. Proof of Student Aid Report (SAR), including all pages

    3. Transcript

    4. Deadline March 2nd

  3. Asian Pacific Fund (Application)

    1. Multiple Criterias

    2. Multiple programs

    3. Deadline Feb. 23rd

  4. Wells Fargo Academic Leaders Fellowship program

    1. Pell-eligible

    2. A US citizen, national, or permanent resident

    3. In good academic standing 3.5-4.0 GPA

    4. Submit SAT or ACT score