If teachers are perceived by students as caring and interested in them, they
are more likely to be inspired and to enjoy going to school; they feel
encouraged and try harder.
— Robert Myrick

Research shows that effective teachers have the same perceived characteristics as effective guidance and counseling specialists.  As a small school, BHS has the opportunity to provide closer adult relationships, the top factor in student engagement in school and high secondary graduation rates.  Advisory focuses on the following objectives:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to explore about future pathways for college and/or career
  • Help students with academic and goal setting support
  • Develop student-to-student connections to create positive association with their learning environment

BHS fulfills these objectives through career cohort-based advisory blocks of 30 minutes, 4 days a week.  Students complete activities the first week of school to expose them to a variety of career pathways to lead them to selecting a pathway to explore for the remainder of the year.  They explore internships, post-secondary education requirements, types of careers available in that field, and connections to community experts in the field.  

In addition, activities in advisory include academic support and whole school community building as pictured below.