Principal's Welcome Letter

Plants growing

"The only thing that is constant is change"              -Heraclitus 

No where is that sentiment more true than at a newly forming school. As all our returning students can attest, constant change is our one true constant. They also recognize the reality that some change is to be celebrated, some to endure, and that all create growth. I appreciate the way BHS students embrace change and the learning and growth that comes with it. 

A few back to school thoughts:

  • The class of 2021 has joined us with a bang!  120 students--more than double the senior class--have joined our school family.  In spite of several technical challenges with their schedules, this group of students has entered high school with focus, smiles, and a desire to prepare for the future.  Many 9th graders I spoke with over the last few days are eager to explore career options already. We are so pleased with their contributions and welcome them to BHS!! 
  • The class of 2018 has officially stepped into adulthood with the majority of the students focusing on work and college.  Their leadership is palpable: strong, and collaborative.  This class will forever be defined by their willingness to jump into a new school and build it from the ground up. They are literal builders of the future and continue to inspire me with their kindness and support of BHS. I see growth and maturity across all of our returning students in grades 10-12 and look forward to seeing the work they will produce this year.
  • Our new C day on Thursdays has already gained momentum with staff and students.  Please read more about C day here.  We will also be reviewing C day at our Back to School Night next Wednesday, August 23rd if you would like to hear more about it.

On a more personal note, it is such an honor for me to have the opportunity to work with your students.  Normally on the first week of school, I spend time in classrooms, observing and getting to know the students as a group.  This week, however, I spent time with students 1:1, asking about their interest in the future as we discussed possible options for scheduled classes.  I was heartened by student enthusiasm, patience, and general eagerness to make the right decision in their best interest.  It reinforced for me the joy of working with young people and I invite you to spend time in our school as your schedule permits to experience the wonderful community of students and teachers at the high school.

I also was reminded that while elective classes can enrich a student's learning experience, at Bonsall High School, we think that every class should provide access to career development, hands-on learning and real-world application.  We think that every class should care about student passion and interest.  We think that every teacher has an obligation to engage students with the outside world and reveal the possibilities of post-secondary training and education. 

We appreciate your support and partnership and look forward to a year of learning together as we prepare our first graduating class to enter the world distinguished in their preparedness for college, work, and onto jobs that haven't even been invented yet.

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