Palomar College Dual Enrollment


General overview

BUSD has a signed a Career and College Access Pathways (CCAP) agreement with Palomar College which allows for the following:

  • Bonsall High School partners with Palomar to offer college courses on campus during the school day.  Currently, the courses offered include:
    • Math 50: Beginning Algebra/Math 60: Intermediate Algebra (8 units)
    • Math 110: College Algebra/Math 115: Trigonometry (8 units)
    • GCIP 140: Digital Imaging-Photoshop/GCMW 106: Multimedia for Social Networking (6 units)
    • GCIP 170: Screen Printing/GCIP 105: Design for Print Production (6 units)
    • GCIO 152: Illustrator/GCIP 149 InDesign (6 units)
  • BUSD covers the cost of registration fees, materials, and field trips to Palomar for these CCAP courses.

Palomar College and Mira Costa both offer courses to students in their respective districts from their full catalog.  The following restrictions apply:

  • Courses are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  This means that students must pay close attention to deadlines for registration and paperwork requirements to be admitted to the class of their choice.
  • Some courses do not allow high school students to take priority over college students, this is particularly true in impacted courses in which the college is struggling to fill demand.
  • BHS students do not pay tuition fees, but are responsible for registration fees (typically $20) and for course materials such as textbooks.  Students are advised to investigate course material costs prior to enrollment as they can range from 0-$500/course.
  • Students who take courses at local colleges should consider the following prior to enrollment:
    • Tuition is only waived for students who fill out the special K-12 Enrollment Form
    • The K-12 Enrollment Form requires the signature of the BHS principal. (See College Course Selection page for more information)
    • Students attending UC and CSU schools can take as many college courses as they want.  Students attending out of state or private schools should investigate policies on dual enrollment maximums.