BHS is proud to feature a student internship program as a key part of work force development for our students and is a graduation requirement for BHS.  An Internship provides high school students with an opportunity to develop their skills in creative problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and organization.  High school students work far less frequently than in previous generations and internships allow the chance to have a work-based experience to explore careers, apply academic knowledge in world-of-work situations, and give back to the community. The benefit to business leaders includes the ability to help identify core skills of future work force candidates as well as develop work skills in young people at an earlier age.

Though internships may vary in length of time, students and mentors should plan for approximately 35-40 hours as a guideline for an appropriate internship.   While BHS staff will help students who are unable to find their own internships, it is always a good idea to look for your own opportunities.  Families often have a more diverse set of connections than a high school staff and having students intern for family friends can provide additional support for a student's first entry point into the work force.  If you are unsure what type of internship would be best for your student, here is an article with some quick guidelines on finding and internship.

Please click here for the current Internship Agreement form to be signed by the student, the Site Mentor, and the Student's Parent or Guardian.  This signed form is how BHS students will obtain credit for the internship.