Bonsall High School Staff see graduation requirements as a way to reinforce the values of the Bonsall Community including:

  • Graduating ready for post-secondary success in college and career
  • Developing a spirit of service for others
  • Connecting with successful professionals in the North County San Diego area
  • Cultivating personal talent and passion to contribute to a healthy personal life
  • Promoting personal excellence and dedication to quality

Course Requirement

English and Social Studies (4 years each)

Recommended courses include:

GeoLit (Geography+ Literature Integrated)

World Studies (World History+ Literature Integrated)

American Studies (American History + Literature Integrated)

Citizenship and Ethics (Civics and American Government+ English Integrated)

Math (4 years)

Students may take approved math courses through the community college in lieu of courses listed below

Integrated Math I (or equivalent)

Integrated Math II

Integrated Math III (or an applied mathematics courses in a CTE sequence)


Science (3  years)

Recommended courses include:

  • Conceptual Physics
  • Medical Biology
  • Culinary Chemistry
  • Honors Marine Biology

Language other than English

  • 2 years

Visual and Performing Arts/ Career in Technical Education

  • 1 year 

Physical Education

  • *2 years

*Please see this link for complete information from the State of California regarding exemptions for Physical Education.

Basic Skills Requirement

The California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) has been suspended starting in January of 2016 and students are no longer required to take the exam to graduate.  See the California Department of Education Website for further information.  

Service Requirement

Students are required to complete 20 service hours/year in attendance at BHS.  Students may complete service hours during the school year or summer with school approval. 

Internship Requirement

Students are required to participate in an internship or apprenticeship while in high school, typically recommended during the 11th grade. Students may arrange to intern with a family connection with school permission at any time.

Community College Requirement

BHS recommends 12 credit hours but students are required to complete 6 credit hours of community college or equivalent by high school graduation.  

Personal Portfolio Requirement

Students will present a senior project and share samples of their own growth towards a professional goal.   Students receive support for this final portfolio throughout their 4 years at BHS.