Most electives are considered to be a content area elective: 

  • Music
  • Science
  • Math
  • Language
  • Graphic Design

The list below only includes general electives not accounted for in the subject areas listed above.


Recommended Grade Level: 9-12     Prerequisite: None    Honors Option Available: No

Will meet the UC/CSU "A" or "G" requirement

Students will utilize daily critical thinking and reasoning to discuss, share, and debate the current 24-hour news cycle in real time. Focus will be on influence of mass media, geopolitical events, and Model UN problem solving. 


Recommended Grade Level: 10-12 Prerequisite: ASB Position or Teacher Recommendation  Honors Option Available: No

Will meet the UC/CSU "G" requirement

Leadership is a project-based course aimed at increasing students’ leadership capabilities. Through the planning and execution of numerous events for the school, students will discover how to best effect change in their communities. Students will read extensively about the nature of leadership and its different styles. Additionally, students write frequently write – critically, reflectively, persuasively – and speak about the real world issues that arise from the planning of events.