Volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities.  There are community members who have given time to support BHS students throughout their whole lives in local communities from coaches in youth sports leagues to volunteer firefighters who protect our homes during fire season.

To prepare BHS students to contribute in meaningful ways as adults, we strongly encourage students to serve those around them and offer various ways to do that through school activities including partnering with many local community groups.

While we hope that students have desire to serve in the community without recompense, we do wish to emphasize service through a graduation requirement that demonstrates how much we value the spirit of volunteerism. 

Additional Benefits 

  •  College admissions officers look favorably on applications with focused service efforts
  •  Students are exposed to multiple career pathways
  •  Students are able to focus on the problems of others outside of themselves
  •  Universities are increasingly emphasizing service as a healthy outlet for college students


  • 20 hours each year in school with a total of 80 hours by high school graduation

Definition of Community Service

  • Served under the supervision of an adult
  • Through a community-based, professional, not-for-profit organization
  • Outside of regular school hours
  • Provided without pay to the student

Evidence of Community Service

Students must submit a form with a signature of the supervising adult confirming service. Students can download the form here. Forms can be submitted to the BHS front office in the box labeled“Community Service Forms” Each semester hours will be tallied and provided to the student, students are responsible for keeping track of their own service hours.