Class of 2020 Course Selection

Note: BHS assumes that all students need at least some level of post-secondary education after high school whether it is a 4-year college, enlisted military pathway, or trade/tech school.  To allow our students every possible choice, BHS  automatically enrolls students in core A-G required courses for freshmen and sophomores and works closely with families to make exceptions to this pathway as needed.  If your student is not diploma-bound, we will be working with you individually during transition meetings in May.

Step I

Read through the complete list of 9th grade courses listed below.  Please see our catalog page if you would like a description of specific courses.

Required Core Courses for 9th grade

Geolit: World Geography and English 9  (counts as 2 courses)

Integrated Math I or II (consult with current math teacher for recommendation)

Conceptual Physics

Physical Education

Recommended Elective Courses Required for Graduation (can be taken in 10th or 11th grade)

Spanish (Native Spanish Speakers should take Spanish II or Native Spanish I)

Music (Please see the complete list of music classes in our course catalog)

Other Elective Courses Available to 9th grade

General Electives listed in our course catalog

Step II

Make sure your total count of courses is 8  (There are 5 required courses, leaving 3 primary choices)

Step III

When you have made your decision, please fill out this form to make your requests for your electives and indicate your preference for math.

Step IV

Wait for an email confirmation from BHS confirming your course preferences for next year and letting you know next steps.