Music @ BHS

According to the Music for All Foundation, California high school student enrollment in Music declined by 50% in the last ten years.  We are committed to ensuring that all students have access to the benefits that Music education can offer and requires all students to take at least 1 year of performing arts to graduate. 

BHS Students representing at the USD Honor Band.

Band and Guitar classes

Students have two musical instrument courses to choose from: Band and Guitar.  These courses develop student musical talent through tapping into their personal interest in music and dedication to improvement through consistent practice.  

Musical Theater

BHS students experience choral music through a musical theater program which emphasizes student input in selecting musical performances, the foundations of dance and movement, and stage blocking.  Students learn the key aspects of vocal performance while simultaneously learning to audition before professionals in the field and build confidence on the stage.   BHS provides a Stage Tech class to students who are interested in learning about the broader field of musical theater while experiencing hands-on the tools required to manage the technology of sound and lighting with performers.

Photos below are from the BHS Fall Musical Review of Hairspray