Bonsall High School

A New Tech Academy

Bonsall High School opened in the 2014-2015 school year with only 65 students.  BHS now is home to 9th-12th grade students with a total population of 330 students.  We are excited to honor our first class of graduating seniors on June 8th of 2018.


Student voice is at the center of our learning experience.  Teachers consistently involve students in choice of project direction and school administration invites student input to improve school policies.  At BHS, students have chosen the clubs on campus, named the campus classrooms, selected much of the furniture, and have been involved in selection of athletic uniforms and equipment.  As we grow and develop as a school, we continue to invest in student leadership and provide them with unique opportunities.

Distinguished Candidates for the Future

Rather than prepare students for an older economic model in which getting into college is the top priority, Bonsall High School pays attention to future trends and forecasts to think about how to prepare students to stay in college beyond acceptance.  We know that the traditional preparation focusing on taking the right courses is not enough.  Students need the core skills that college and career require:


Oral Communication

Agency (constant revision and attention to quality work)

Content-specific Knowledge & Thinking

Written Communication

The high school model of the past focuses on short-term memorization and disconnected daily lessons including reading from text books.

The high school model of the future relies on authentic, raw data as material to help students apply thinking.  It helps students identify and solve problems in data sets, understand varying perspectives, and working with others to determine creative direction of a project.  

At Bonsall High School we leverage community partners to ensure that our curriculum is authentic and rigorous and put our students in a position to do meaningful work.  We learn from our partners what skills are required in the work force and support our students in those skills along side deep thinking in the content.